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What to Buy in the Janaury Sales

If you are looking for advice on what to buy in the January Sales, then pick up some tips from Lisa Maynard-Atem, talking about the sales on Channel M:-


Monday, 21 December 2009

Extract taken from The Economic Intelligence Bulletin:

A rising star is Lisa Maynard Atem who established her company in 2005. One of her first commissions was from Granada to provide the clothes for Coronation Street actor Richard Fleeshman when he appeared in the first series of "Soapstar Superstar". Lisa has also advised on fashion shoots for both Hello! Magazine and OK! She has appeared regularly as a fashion adviser on Channel M and has appeared on the "Richard and Judy" TV Show. Lisa qualified as a graphic designer at Manchester Metropolitan University before deciding later to set-up her own business.

Brian Eaton

See Lisa's Style Predictions on MSN - Style Icon Predictions 2010

See Lisa's style predictions for 2010:


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Testimonial from Caprice Bourret:


I just wanted to write and say a massive thank-you to the STYLISA team for your hard work for the fashion show, to celebrate the launch of my “By Caprice” Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection. The styling, co-ordination and execution of the show was fantastic, and each piece in the collection was shown at its best. Your planning for the show and professionalism were outstanding, so thank you once again and I very much look forward to working with you in the future.

Caprice Bourret

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


click on the below link to read about STYLISA's Royal Appointment

Stylisa's Royal Appointment


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Watch STYLISA on Channel M - Lisa Maynard-Atem


Watch our top stylist, Lisa Maynard-Atem, talking all things fashion on Channel M:

Stay Stylish

Fashion Styling Consultancy

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STYLISA Shopping Tips - Part Three

Fashion Stylist, Lisa Maynard-Atem of STYLISA, gives us the final part of her low down on what to do when hitting the shops…

In terms of quality, look out for the following:

Hems – good hems should be double-stitched and invisible from the outside.

Seams – these should lie straight without puckering or pulling. There should be enough to let them out if required.

Stitching – This should be secure and straight.

Linings – Fabric should be smooth. If the lining is stiff or there is not enough fabric, then this will affect the way the garment hangs.

Buttons – These should match the garment and meet the holes perfectly. They should also be sewn on securely (on heavier fabrics, there should be disks to reinforce them). Make sure there are no loose threads.

Zips – These should be hidden and dyed to match the colour of the garment. Test them a few times, by running them up and down.

Patterns – These should match up on all seams.

There are those rare occasions when you come across the perfect pair of trousers or the perfect fitting t-shirt. If this is the case and you can afford it, buy these items in multiples, in a variety of colours. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

If you really don’t know what suits you and don’t feel comfortable having a personal styling session in a shop and going out shopping with a friend, then it might be an idea to have an image consultant come to your home and give you a consultation. Prices vary but this can prove to be an invaluable service as you are already in your comfort zone and there will only be you and the consultant present, so it’s more personal and less embarrassing. They will also provide you with a report, which you can always refer back to and take on a shopping trip. Personally, I find that shopping on my own is much better than shopping with a friend – I know exactly what I am looking for and there’s nothing to distract me.

If the idea of shopping really stresses you out and you cannot afford a personal stylist to do your shopping for you, then why not use the personal shopping service offered by the high street stores. It is a free service – all you have to do is book in advance and they will do all the work for you. It’s an excellent way to shop and you will have someone on hand to tell you what works and what doesn’t. Also, there is always internet shopping – but remember that you will not be able to try the garment on and it can be a pain as you will have to send the garment back and then re-order the correct size (if you didn’t order two different sizes at the same time).

The most important tip is to be comfortable and confident in whatever you wear. No matter what the outfit or occasion, your clothes should make you feel special and give you the confidence to step out knowing that you look good. If they don’t do this, then I’m afraid it’s time for you to go your separate ways. Style is the projection of your personality through your chosen style of dress.

Lisa Maynard-Atem.

Fashion Styling Consultancy

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STYLISA Shopping Tips - Part Two

Fashion Stylist, Lisa Maynard-Atem of STYLISA Ltd, continues to gives us the low down on what to do when hitting the shops…

When shopping for shoes, always ensure you take your own pop socks. Although shops do provide them, I think it is best to take your own along with you…and some foot spray (the shop assistant might be a cute guy that you’ve had your eye and I am sure you don’t want to put him off with any unsavoury odours)!!!

When trying on garments, try a number of sizes in the same garment. Sizes vary from store to store, so a size 8 in one shop may fit perfectly, but may be too small in another. If you have to go up a size, do not take this as an indication that you have put on weight. You are not going to fit the same size in every shop. Ensure that when you are trying garments on, there are mirrors that enable to see the outfit from all angles. If needs be, asked for another mirror.

Always check the garment before you take it into the changing rooms. If it is damaged in any way, ensure you tell the shop assistant before trying it on. If you try the garment and decide you want to buy it damaged (as it may be easily repairable), be sure to ask for a discount. However, this will mean that the garment is non-returnable. I would recommend asking for another one that is in perfect condition rather buying something already damaged.

I cannot stress enough...BUY CLOTHES THAT FIT YOUR SHAPE CORRECTLY. If you are between sizes, buy the next size up. Buying clothes with the intention of dieting into them is a big mistake. 47% of the population are a size 16 or over. By for the shape you are, not the shape you want to be.

Buy clothes for the lifestyle you lead. If you are a working mum, who doesn’t get to go out much, then you don’t want to be filling your wardrobe with glamorous evening dresses. However, I am not giving you the green light to go and buy tracksuits. They are for athletes and not for walking down the street in!

Try not to be a fashion victim. Just because polka dots are the latest thing, doesn’t mean that they are going to suit everyone. The trick is to take from the latest collections and trends, what is best suited to you and your wardrobe. There is no point in spending money on something just because you saw it on a catwalk or in a magazine. And remember that it is not always necessary to buy a new wardrobe at the beginning of the season. Accessories are a great way to update any wardrobe and are less expensive, so your bank manager will be pleased!

There high street is becoming more and more competitive in terms of price. However, try to buy the best quality that your budget will allow as this will save you money in the long run, especially if you want to build a capsule wardrobe. Not only will your clothes last longer, but they will fit better. If you have to scrimp, then do so with darker colours as the workmanship will be less noticeable.

Tune in next week for the final part of STYLISA's shopping tips!

Lisa Maynard-Atem
Fashion Styling Consultancy

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Lisa Maynard-Atem of STYLISA has been invited to join the board of CIDA International (Creative Industries Development Agency). Please take a look at their website

You can also follow their blog:

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STYLISA Shopping Tips – Part One

Fashion Stylist, Lisa Maynard-Atem of STYLISA, gives us the low down on what to do when hitting the shops….

Ask yourself the question – do I really need it? If not, then don’t buy it. Yes I know what it’s like when you see something and you convince yourself that you’ve just got to have it but how many times have bought something on impulse, worn it once and then never worn it again or never worn it all for that matter??? Unless you’re a stylist and can use your clothes for your work, then it really isn’t worth it. It’s more than likely that you will have something in your wardrobe that will suffice.

Decide on what you want to spend and stick to it. One minute you are going into town to buy a new top and the next, you’re coming away having seriously assaulted your credit card. I know that it’s hard girlies but resist the temptation. Think about it this way…it takes seconds to stick it on the credit card but it could take you years to pay it off!

Shopping can be very stressful, so if possible, try and go shopping early in the morning (or early in the week). The shops are less crowded and you will get an opportunity to see what new stock has just being delivered rather than leaving it later in the day and missing out on that must-have item that you’ve had your eye on. Take your time when shopping. If you feel yourself getting stressed, go for a coffee and chill out for half an hour. Don’t rush because you may end up going home with something you didn’t want.

Try to familiarise yourself with what the stores offers. Some stores, like Harvey Nichols, offer excellent customer services. Other stores, like H&M, have great return policies. Return policies are very important, so if you are unsure of what the stores policies are, then make sure you ask before you buy.

Always dress comfortably when hitting the shops. Wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing that is easy to slip in and out of (for when you are trying stuff on).

The right underwear is fundamental to any outfit. Depending on what you are buying, always make sure you either have the right underwear on or take it with you in your handbag. I know this may sound a little extreme but believe, IT HELPS. If you don’t know your size, head to M&S and get yourself measured immediately. You would be amazed at the amount of women still wearing the wrong size bra!

No matter what you are buying, think about the versatility of the item. It is better to buy complete outfits (budget permitting) – a suit jacket with matching trousers and skirt for example. I always ask my clients (if they are not buying complete outfits), to think of three things in their existing wardrobe that their potential new purchase would go with. If they can’t think of three things, then don’t purchase.

If you are looking for an item to match something else that you already have, then take the item with you to ensure what you buy matches perfectly. If you’re embarrassed to do that, then take a picture of the item (ah yes, the joy that is the camera phone) with a note of the items colour and any detailing.

Look out for part two next week...

Friday, 16 October 2009

Fashion’s Bad Fatitude

Although fashion has become more accessible thanks to the high street being able to recreate catwalk looks within a short time frame, the same cannot be said when it comes to sizing. Remember the ridiculous furore a few weeks ago when fashion designer, Mark Fast sent size 12-14 models down the catwalk? The reaction was outrageous. Firstly, the models looked fantastic and secondly, do these people not have more important things to be agonising over? Clearly not!

However, both designers and the high street still have a long way to go when it comes to offering more choice for the plus-size woman. I recently went shopping with a client who was a size 24. Previously, this client had told me that they had great difficulty finding clothes in their size and when they did find something, it often resembled a tent rather than something that was flattering and made them feel good about themselves. I immediately thought that I would be able to find suitable clothing without a problem. To my surprise, this was not to be the case.

The majority of stores we visited did not go above a size 18 and in some cases did not offer anything over a 14. Even the shops that did offer larger sizes, were not consistent as they went to size 18 in some brands, size 20 in others, and size 22 in a few, with the occasional size 24 thrown in. And I found that in a lot cases, the clothing that was available in bigger sizes looked like it had been designed as an after-thought which I found disturbing. All women want to look attractive, whether they are a size 8 or 18. Many plus-size women find the whole shopping experience daunting and at times painful because they are made to feel like fashion is not for them. Instead of coming away from a shopping trip feeling exhilarated, they feel deflated and upset, which is unacceptable.

Fortunately, there now appears to be a backlash against the unforgiveable size zero, and a move towards celebrating ‘real’ women. Personally, I have always found this sizing issue disturbing, especially when one considers the kind of message it sends out to young girls and impressionable women, who may have serious self-image issues.

The plus size fashion market has a long way to go, despite some recent improvement. Many British women are still turning to the US and ordering their clothes via the internet as there seems to be much more choice.

Thankfully, there are stores out there that appear to be addressing the problem. One of the best stores around is Evans. Their sizes range from 16-32 and they even sell wide-fitting shoes which shows that they are really thinking about their customers. Elvi is another brand that offers sizes up to 26. Also Tesco’s Florence and Fred range go up to size 26 and are very reasonably priced. There are luxury brands such as Marina Rinaldi, but you have the budget for brands such as this one. Another brand is that offers some great plus-size fashion choices is Simply Be.

On a personal note, I am very fortunate as sizing has never been an issue fro me. I can always go into shops and find something to fit me. Seeing how difficult it is for some women to find clothing that makes them look good and feel attractive has made me appreciate how lucky I am but it has also showed me that the fashion industry has a long way to go before fashion becomes fair for all and looses it bad fatitiude.

By Lisa Maynard-Atem

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Growing Old Stylishly…

You may be surprised to hear that at 31, I am already starting to feel old. However, this is mainly due to the fact that my younger sister is constantly reminding me that I am eight years ahead of her. The fact that she is still borrowing my clothes, tells me that I must be doing something right.

Getting older has always been a much bigger deal for women than for men. When men get grey hair, they are considered distinguished but when we get them, we flock to the nearest hairdressers to get them covered up. To make matters worse, we are constantly bombarded with advertisements telling us about the latest age-defying cream or gel, which are usually fronted by a gorgeous model, film star or singer. Then there is the interesting world of plastic surgery which I will not get into as that is a whole article in itself.

In terms of fashion, there are no hard and fast rules to growing old stylishly but there are things that you should embrace and avoid equally. The first rule is acceptance. Ageing is a fact of life and until someone discovers the fountain of eternal youth, we will continue to age…gravity can only be held back for so long. How many times have you seen a mature lady wearing something that would be more suited to an 18-year-old? There is no harm in trying to looking younger but those denim Miss Sixty mini skirts really don’t suit anyone over the age of 15.

What you should be aiming for is the capsule wardrobe. These are key pieces such as the little black dress, black tailored trousers, and a white shirt but to name a few. They are timeless and interchangeable. If you can get this right, then you can add in other pieces that can be worn with your capsule wardrobe or on their own. Whatever you do, do not be tempted to rush out and buy the latest ‘must-have’ item unless you know for a fact they will suit you and you have other items (minimum three) in your wardrobe that they can be worn with.

Another rule is learning to be comfortable in your own skin. As I get older, I become more confident in the choices I make, especially when it comes to my wardrobe. As a result of this, I now have a much greater sense of my own style compared to 10 years ago. Okay, so I am a fashion stylist but that does not mean that I have not made mistakes in the past. Over the years I have trained myself to be able to look at something in a shop and know instantly whether it will suit me before I even take it off the hanger to inspect the stitching (no I am not weird, I just like to know what I am getting for my money). The saying that some of us are born with style is not based in fact. There are those of us who have a better sense of it than others, but the basic knowledge of being stylish can be learnt provided you are willing to invest the time…remember Rome was not built in a day and neither is the perfect wardrobe!!!

Another factor is money. Your capacity to earn greater amounts increases as you get older which means you will have more disposable income. You can afford to buy better quality clothing, although this should not stop you from entering the realms of Primark and Peacocks.

Avoid shops like Morgan and Kookai. They are great shops but they really are not suited to anyone who isn’t in their teens or very early 20s. Aim for shops like Debenhams, which houses many different designers under one roof and has something for every age group. Other stores like Wallis, Dorothy Perkins and Marks & Spencer. If you want to spend that bit more, then Emma Somerset is especially great for evening-wear, House of Fraser have some excellent lines and Aquascutum is perfect for the quintessential English look (which is making somewhat of a comeback for Autumn/Winter 06 in the form of tweeds, tailoring and lady-like elegance). Also have a look in Principles, Hobbs and LK Bennett.

Getting older does not have to be doom and gloom and nowhere is this more visible than in the fashion world. So forget about the greys and get your glad rags on!

Lisa Maynard-Atem


Friday, 25 September 2009

STYLISA Testimonial from Professor Scott Moeller, Cass Business School

"When looking for new, vibrant and successful companies, we noticed that Lisa is a stylist with a difference. Her ability to align her styling expertise with her clients' business strategies is a new and unique approach and very effective in increasing each of her client's earning potential. He company offers 'style strategies that result in results', which we believed would be very successful. We expect that through STYLISA that Lisa is well on her way to becoming one of the influential 'business brains' of the styling world."

Professor Scott Moeller
Cass Business School

Thursday, 24 September 2009

STYLISA Testimonial from James Hammond, The Brand Doctor

"I love Lisa's refreshing attitude to fashion styling. Her whole emphasis is on what works for you and your body shape, rather than just trying to squeeze everyone into the same designer outfits. With Lisa's background in design, she is able to bring a much greater understanding to the importance of delivering the right personal brand and message than the superficial approaches you see so often."
James Hammond, The Brand Doctor.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Celebrity Fashion Stylist Lisa Maynard-Atem talks fashion trends!


Celebrity Fashion Stylist Lisa Maynard-Atem talking trends!


Celebrity Fashion Stylist Lisa Maynard-Atem talking fashion trends!

Dressing for Success

Written by Lisa Maynard-Atem

Image is everything, and to achieve success, you have to dress for success. There are those amongst us that will argue that paying particular attention to your image is merely a case of vanity. However, these fashion philistines should be reminded that we receive information non-verbally first and foremost. One could even argue that in effect, fashion is a science, and not an expression of vanity.

When working with clients, I always go to great lengths to emphasise that they must view their personal image as a branding exercise. To be effective and proficient with ‘non-verbal’ communication skills, we must remember that we are what we look like, as well as what we do and say. Creating that positive and lasting first impression through the medium of clothing is vital to the success of any person, but in particular, to those in the world of business.

In the current climate, where there are currently 10 applications per vacancy in the UK, it is vital that you are not only qualified for the job, but also look the part. Think about it from the employer’s point of view. If you do not take pride in the way you look, then how do they know you will take pride in your job?

I recently worked with a client who had an image make-over in order to further enhance their brand and project the right message to key investors and decision-makers in their field. The client fully appreciated that an image-makeover was pivotal in raising their profile and therefore, taking them to a larger market. As a result of this ‘branding’ exercise, the client has attracted a number of highly lucrative business deals and has been pleasantly surprised by the positive reception that their new image has received. This goes to prove that your image is a powerful tool in the world of business and it is your job to project yourself in the best possible light, if you are to provoke the desired response in others.

Dressing for success is not about drowning yourself in designer labels (however I must add at this point, that I am not adverse to the odd designer bag…or 10). It is about conveying the right message, in order to inspire confidence in others and encourage them to react to you in a positive way. One only has to look at the media interest in Michelle Obama’s image, as this demonstrates perfectly, the power and positive effect that creating the right image can have.

Another example of the power of image, is the tennis star Andy Murray. During Wimbledon this year, there was a significant change in his overall image and brand. His outfits were shaper and highly stylised in comparison to his tennis attire in the past. In fact, some of the shirts that he wore on court were not even available to buy in the shops (which immediately made them highly desirable). This is due to the fact that his team at 19 management, are harnessing his ‘look’ to convey the right messages to their target audiences, and through doing so, increase his earning potential and no doubt, their fee.

So, in order to dress for success, is there a particular style to aim for or a look to aspire to? The simple answer is no. Obviously, there are the classics that should already be in every woman’s wardrobe (the LBD, a white shirt, a tailored jacket, and the rest you should know), but you have to dress for your shape, and for the environment in which you work. An outfit that works in one situation may not necessarily work in another. And it is important to remember, that in dressing for success, it is vital that you retain your individuality. Clothes are a means of self-expression as well as a tool for success. These expressions of individuality can be as subtle or as daring as you would want them to be (and as daring as the environment permits…don’t walk into work dressed as a clown because you want to convey your happy disposition…that would not be big and it most certainly would not be clever).

So go on and dress for success…because you’re worth it!


Monday, 14 September 2009




Sales at a Manchester training consultancy have rocketed since the business owner was given a dynamic Gok Wan type image makeover by a young up-and-coming celebrity fashion stylist.

Marilyn Comrie, the CEO of business mentoring and coaching specialists LeaderGen was awarded an OBE for services to women’s enterprise in this year’s Queen’s Birthday honours, and enlisted the professional services of Lisa Maynard-Atem, who runs the Manchester-based styling consultancy, STYLISA, to prepare her for her special day at the Palace.

But Marilyn could never have imagined the impact that STYLISA’s rebranding and styling strategy was going to have not only on herself – but also on the business. “I just wanted to look my best for my day at Buckingham Palace. But Lisa took a much more strategic approach geared towards increasing LeaderGen’s earning potential through the creation and maintenance of the ‘Marilyn brand’. In styling me, Lisa carefully constructed a commanding world class image that draw parallels with other powerful, female role-models, such as Michelle Obama, Condoleezza Rice, Oprah Winfrey, and Hilary Clinton.

The results are sensational. Just four weeks later I secured a major six figure contract with a major organisation which I attribute to my stylish professional new look which inspires confidence, and oozes achievement, authority and credibility”.

She added: “My business is inundated with offers of work, and I have had to take on more staff to meet the demand. This is undoubtedly the best investment I have ever made, and I look and feel like a vibrant new woman. And it’s all thanks to Lisa”.

In her capacity as a global leadership coach, Marilyn’s diary has an increasingly expanding international focus. As an outreach champion, helping burgeoning Third World businesses to find a foothold in western markets, she frequently finds herself flying to sub-Saharan Africa for meetings with Government and business leaders or sitting in the boardroom with the UN, World Bank or international development agencies to negotiate funding support for her clients.

And, back home in the UK, her business week invariably takes her away from her desk to attend high-profile meetings, present leadership masterclasses or deliver motivational speeches in London and just about any other big city or town between Land’s End and John O’Groats.

Celebrity stylist Lisa, who has worked with Richard Fleeshman on the hit show Soapstar Superstar, quickly set to work in designing a unique brand image for Marilyn that would accentuate her profile as a globetrotting “ambassador”, and inspirational thought leader.

The “Marilyn Brand” was conceived, embracing everything from an all-occasions wardrobe to hairstyling and makeup whether it be for a Government reception in Kenya or Somaliland, a board meeting with US bankers or, back home , a nut-and-bolts planning meeting with Manchester City Council to progress her “Yes I can” active citizenship project.

Lisa says: “The clothes we wear make a statement, so by choosing the right type of clothing, you are inevitably controlling the statements that you are conveying about yourself. We have to accept the fact that people the world over are influenced by image –it creates that all-important first, and often indelible, impression. Clients associate with a brand and can be inspired to take on its characteristics themselves. They want to buy into it and if they want to buy ‘you’, then you should make it the best ‘you’ that you can".

“Your image speaks volumes about you. Creating the right brand image is pivotal in raising a business’ profile, and reinforcing its key messages. My aim was to establish Marilyn as a global leader and trendsetter with the qualities to inspire others but also the humility to communicate at all levels”.

Marilyn added: “As a 40 something woman, and mother of three it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your best days are behind you. I feel glamorous, attractive, rejuvenated and re-energised. It’s given me an exciting new lease of life. And I know my best days are only just beginning.”


STYLISA is a full service styling consultancy that caters for all your fashion styling requirements. Whether you are looking for styling for press shows, television, music videos or a personal consultation, STYLISA is here to help. The company was set up by fashion stylist Lisa Maynard-Atem. Lisa’s commercial styling experience includes ITV (Celebrity Love Island, Soapstar Superstar), the BBC, L'Oreal Colour Trophy Awards, Hello and OK Magazine. Lisa also writes fashion-related articles for several fashion and lifestyle magazines. Lisa made her name within fashion circles by styling former Coronation Street star Richard Fleeshman when he sang on Soapstar Superstar.

STYLISA was shortlisted for the New Business Start-Up 2008 by the Ethnic Minority Business Forum, as well as two other business awards. They offer a complete menu of corporate, business and personal one to one styling services. Visit for full details and to view the STYLISA portfolio of styling experience.
More recently, Lisa was asked to style an exclusive fashion show, for supermodel Caprice's latest collection. The Didsbury-based stylist oversaw the catwalk show of pieces by the model-turned-designer. And following the event which was filmed for satellite TV channel Fashion TV, Lisa was asked to get involved with the prestigious London Fashion Week which takes place later this month.

Lisa Maynard-Atem is an expert in styling solutions to all fashion matters and is available for television appearances, media comments and articles on fashion and general styling-related matters.


Marilyn was honoured in this year Queens Birthday Honours List with an OBE for her services to women’s enterprise. She was awarded the prestigious Kofi Annan African Leadership Excellence Award in Nov 2007 for her pioneering institutional capacity building work with post-conflict African countries like Liberia and Somaliland to create an enabling environment for economic and social transformation. Working alongside the World Bank and United Nations, LeaderGen is helping these countries access donor funding and develop strategies for growth to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

A dynamic entrepreneur and professionally trained coach, Marilyn is recognised as one of the foremost thought leaders in Europe in the areas of leadership and governance. She is one of the rising generation of younger business leaders set to command a prominent position in Europe, the USA and the world. She is the author of a forthcoming leadership book “Leaderene – Feminine Principled Leadership For the 21st Century”.

Marilyn is a board member of the International Business Forum, and the Ethnic Minority Business Forum NorthWest in addition to being a Women’s Enterprise Ambassador. She is a goal-orientated strategic thinker; highly experienced in strategic planning & policy development; performance and project management. She has an extensive range of skills, knowledge and expertise for helping board level teams to clarify core priorities, objectives, and devising transformational implementation plans focused on delivery of business outcomes. She has excellent written and oral communication and deal negotiation skills, with the ability to communicate complex problems or solutions in a way in which they are quickly understood.
LeaderGen was born out of Marilyn’s desire to make her high impact brand of leadership and management training available to a wider business market for the purpose of driving up performance and productivity.

Marilyn is a professionally trained and corporate coach and qualified with a distinction from The Coaching Academy, Europe’s largest coach training school. She is also a member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. She was educated at Stretford Grammar School for Girls, and went on to study Chemistry at Birmingham University. She also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in radio and television journalism and is a regular business pundit for BBC local radio station, GMR.


LeaderGen is a consultancy which is actively working to be a catalyst for positive global change through their innovative approach to the science of leadership engineering, which builds the capacity of established and emerging leaders to deliver large scale transformation and real impact.

LeaderGen is influencing and transforming the thinking of leaders in the private, public and voluntary sectors to place service to others first, rather than ego or personal gain, as the key to mobilising support and commitment for change.
LeaderGen are facilitating a new paradigm shift in inspirational leadership, away from the left brain, command and control, dog-eat-dog thinking, to the more inclusive, nurturing and interdependent approach of right brain thinking which values people, diversity, individual contribution and supports well being on this planet. This is the company’s higher purpose.

With clients in the UK, Africa, and Eastern Europe, Marilyn’s mission is to grow LeaderGen into one of the major global brands for leadership excellence within the next five years, with a distinctive reputation for equipping diverse business and public sector leaders with the courage, talents, and abilities to make their mark on the world.

LeaderGen works with the best leadership practitioners in the UK to offer a portfolio of transformational coaching and mentoring services, as well as top team facilitation to build leadership capacity and strengthen organisational effectiveness. This is achieved through enhancing personal accountability and responsibility for making change happen, so that it benefits everyone; staff, customers, community and other stakeholders.

LeaderGen can design, implement and deliver leadership and management development activities from grassroots level through to corporate boardrooms that deliver measurable impact and transform the workplace into an environment where people come to experience success and achievement.


For further editorial information and photographs, please contact Lisa Maynard-Atem, from STYLISA on 07745 544 418 or e-mail For more information about STYLISA, please visit their website

For further information on the range of leadership development and consultancy services offered by LeaderGen Ltd please visit

Picture Credits:

Photographer: Roland Lane -
Stylist: Lisa Maynard-Atem, STYLISA -
MUA: Anna Priadka @ Nemesis -
Clothing: All provided by House of Fraser, Deamsgate, Manchester -
Location: Leftbank Apartments, Spinningfields, Manchester -

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Welcome to the Wonderful World of STYLISA Fashion Styling Consultancy

Welcome to the world of STYLISA - Fashion Styling Consultancy -

STYLISA is a full service styling consultancy that caters for all your fashion styling requirements. Whether you are looking for styling for press shows, television, music videos or a personal consultation, STYLISA Ltd is here to help.STYLISA was set up by fashion stylist Lisa Maynard-Atem. Lisa’s commercial styling experience includes ITV1’s (Celebrity Love Island, Soapstar Superstar), the BBC, L'Oreal Colour Trophy Awards, Grattans Catalogue and Hello and OK Magazine. Lisa also writes fashion-related articles for several fashion and lifestyle magazines.

STYLISA was shortlisted for the New Business Start-Up 2008 by the Ethnic Minority Business Forum, as well as two other business awards.STYLISA offers a complete menu of corporate, business and personal one to one styling services. Visit for full details and to view the STYLISA portfolio of styling experience.

Lisa Maynard-Atem is an expert in styling solutions to all fashion matters and is available for television appearances, media comments and articles on fashion and general styling-related matters.

Have a look at our website ( and join our group on facebook ( You can also follow us on Twitter.

Stay Stylish,


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