Monday, 19 April 2010

Florence & Fred Couture - Pagoda Dress

Love at first sight, was the term that came to mind when we first saw the pictures of the new F&F Couture collection from Tesco.  However one piece in particular caught our STYLISA eyes…the Pagoda Dress.   The dress is a combination of Lady Gagas’ quirkiness and Audrey Hepburns’ classic and timeless style.  Add to this the texture and the pleating, and you really do have a potential capsule wardrobe contender.  This dress is great because you could wear it to work or you could wear in the evening, and it requires very little in terms of accessorising.
Even the name is quirky and couture (Pagoda refers to an Asian temple usually a pyramidal tower with an upward curving roof).  Personally, I love the fact that couture-inspired pieces like this have become so accessible, instead of just being available to the few that could afford them, as was once the case.  Fashion is for everyone and innovative collections such as these give us all the opportunity to look great on a reasonable budget.
A couture dress for £140.00?  That’s Credit Crunch Couture at its’ best if you ask me!
Look out for another STYLISA F&F couture blog piece coming next week…

For more information, see the clothing at Tesco blog

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  1. I couldn't agree more. Who can complain when they are getting couture at high street prices? I think glamorous clothes without the glam price tag are a definite confidence booster for all women. - Great blog post! X