Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Hello Girls...Wonderbra Ultimate

Guest post fashion blogger Anne-Marie Lodge talking bras, more precisely...Wonderbras...

As a big boob girl, finding a strapless bra, that does what it says on the tin, is like searching for the Holy Grail. I love bandeau, one shoulder and other interesting necklines, but the support offered by lowly strapless bras, with a crazy magnetic attraction to my waist, has always prevented me from fully indulging in my love of these styles.

Me (in my amazing Wonderbra)

So, the Mission, that I chose to accept was: to find that elusive bra that would look and feel good. Actually, I didn't really care that much about the feel at this point because, you know I'm brave, if not a little vain, and I am fully prepared to suffer for my style.  I noticed that there were a few lovely Wonderbra ladies tweeting their way through Twitter, and I decided to get in touch. I spoke to (well tweeted with) a lovely lady called Sarah (Twitter name: @Wonderbra_Sarah), who recommended the Ultimate strapless bra for me.

So I raced, to the nearest department store and by some kind of miracle, there, in a small collection of Ultimate Wonderbras was lurking MY SIZE, which I often struggle to find (I am a 30E and I rarely come across it).  Furthermore there was 20% off...I felt like the universe was trying to tell me something!

I did have a bit of a fight with it in the fitting room. And it did feel a bit weird at first. But after being informed that it was a perfect fit, I snapped it up and skipped all the way home.

Now there is a technique that I have found to guarantee the performance of this bra, but you do need a helper. By nature, these bras are fairly tight, and so a little tricky to get on and get in the right position. This is where a helper comes in handy. Once you've got it on, just get the chosen lucky person to yank it up a bit at the back and then it sits lovely and flat under the bust.

Now don't get me wrong. It is not the prettiest thing in the world (especially in nude). But this bra is not about looking sexy out of your dress, it's about looking sexy in it.

I am pleased to report that the bra has now been road tested (see picture of me above, in the green dress).  I can honestly say that I totally forget that I am wearing it...now that is a big thing!

A lot of work has gone into to creating the Ultimate, to ensure that it puts in this kind of performance. In fact, it has taken two years and over 100 hours of testing to achieve the end product.

Wonderbra says:

‘Pioneering, polycarbonate, hand-shaped structures are moulded into the cups, invisible from the outside. This unique technology lifts the weight of the bust, supports and gives a trusted Wonderbra cleavage’.

I can definitely vouch for this claim...I am one happy customer!

Now here’s your chance to share in my strapless bra epiphany! In conjunction with ReallyRee; Attempts at a Stylish Life, Wonderbra are giving away an Ultimate strapless bra, in your chosen size, to a very lucky winner.

All you have to do is:

Follow the ReallyRee; Attempts at a Stylish Life blog and leave your full name and email address in the comments, stating you wish to enter.  Alternatively you can 'like' the ReallyRee facebook page  and also leave your full name and email address in the comments, stating you wish to enter.

Or you can do both if you like!

Should you prefer, you can send email addresses privately to reallyree@gmail.com as long as you have followed the blog or 'liked' the facebook page. Please leave a comment that indicates you will be doing this.


The winner will be chosen by random.org

Qualifying comments must be in English and entered by 12th July 2010. The Winners will be notified and announced on 13th July 2010.

Good luck!

I would love to hear your views on getting the right bra and any wonderful discoveries you have made.


  1. Thanks Lisa. It looks great!


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  3. Thanks Lisa! It looks great!


  4. Ree is a Fantastic Blogger. I have been following her since the start of her Blog.. I would advise any Fashion Lover to watch this space :) xxx

  5. looks like little hands in that bra, ha!

  6. Love Really Ree! I'm a full figured girl and I Love support! LOL Crossing my fingers, hope I win!