Saturday, 29 January 2011

Pretty in Paprika!

Okay so the Summer months are not yet with us but that is no reason to not start preparing for those warmer months.  I'd been hearing a lot on Twitter about a brand of clothing called Paprika.  As I am a bit of a clotheshorse, I thought I would investigate a little further.  So I settled down with a glass of wine and a packet of Percy Pigs (my secret addiction) and decided to have a look through their website.  All I can say is OMG!  I am a very girly girl when it comes to my dress-sense.  I do not own too many pairs of trousers or jeans as I am a lover of dresses and skirts, especially if they are floral.  So you can imagine my delight, when I hit upon a website full of my favourite things.  I managed to limit myself to two dresses - one Maxi and one Mini.

A few days ago, I got in from work and there they were, waiting for me.  I literally tore the packet open only to find they has been wrapped in beautiful pink paper (my favourite colour) - what a lovely touch and something only added to my excitement.  Once the paper had been opened (or ripped excitedly in my case), what was revealed immediately made me think of warmer months, over-sized sunglasses and fabulous sandals.  Two gorgeous dresses...

Paprika One Shoulder Jersey Dress, £26

Paprika Paisley Print Maxi Dress, £32

As I have always been a fan of Maxi dresses, I tried that one on first - perfect fit.  Then the second dress - also a perfect fit.  I was pretty in Praprika and was positively loving it. What was even better was the price - so reasonable (especially good as January is always a hard month).  So not only was I pretty in Paprika but they came at pretty price.

The Paprika website launched earlier this week and will no doubt receive many other orders (in fact I would not be surprised if they were selling out).  Go and take a look on ( you can also follow them on Twitter - @PaprikaFashion ) and let me know what you think.  I have no doubt, that you too will be 'Pretty in Paprika'

Stay Stylish,


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