Sunday, 28 February 2010

Handmade in Heaven

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Mobile Pouch

I am a sucker for anything pink and floral, so as I soon as I unwrapped the mobile pouch, it was love at first sight. What’s great about this product (as well as the other products) is you can immediately see that care and attention that has gone into making it. You can imagine the designer crafting it – a real labour of love. The bright colours mean that it won’t get lost in my enormous ‘black-hole’ handbag. Soft to the touch and pretty in pink…what more could a girl want in mobile pouch. What’s makes it even more special is that each product came specially wrapped, with customised Handmade in Heaven labels…simply lovely.

Fashion Scarf
When I opened this, it occurred to me this scarf could potentially have several uses – a fashion scarf for ladies and a tie for men. I immediately started thinking of Summer (which during this dreary weather period, is certainly no bad thing). It put a smile on my face and made me wish that the warmer months would just hurry up and get here. Ladies, if you didn’t want to wear it as a scarf, you could wear it as a belt, attach to a bag or even convert it into an alice band. I will be wearing mine when I go to see Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland as it will be very appropriate to the occasion. It’s delicate and fruity…just how I like my scarves to be!

Sat Nav Case
When I saw this case, it immediately made me want to go out and buy a sat nav system just so I could use the case. It is cute, and girly and once again, you can see and feel the work that has gone into making it. I love the fact that I can choose my own fabric, and customise it, to give that extra special touch. Handmade in Heaven products are like fairy…sparkly and special.

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