Thursday, 25 February 2010

Heaven in a Handbag – izzi bag

Oh izzi you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you blow my mind, hey izzi, hey izzi! Okay so I have altered the song slightly, but only in homage to the fabulous brand that is izzi bag, and rightfully so. Their latest collection is totally uber stylish. What makes them so desirable is the fact they each have their own individuality whilst being the height of style. If you are struggling to get through these last few miserable weeks of Winter, then an izzi bag is the perfect accessory to lift you out of your Winter blues and send you smiling into Spring/Summer 2010.

Not only are the bags gorgeous, but the brand has been nominated in the Shorty Awards, as one of the top six COMPANIES IN THE WORLD to be followed on Twitter…pretty impressive. What’s even better is that the bags have a really personal story behind them. The name was inspired by the husband of the brands owner and designer, Anne Agoren, whose izzi bag brainwave, came to her whilst she was on holiday in the far east. Having worked in the fashion industry for over five years, Anne has taken her expert knowledge and developed a collection that is both innovative and eye-catching. Furthermore, for every TIGI bag sold, a donation is made to an orphanage, set up in the area where Anne received her inspiration, for children who lost their families in the Tsunami.

Plus, a little birdie has told me that they are bringing out a collection of limited edition ‘world cup’ bags. So a note to all you guys out there: you can now involve your ladies in the coming world cup festivities, by treating them to a beautiful handbag, which will definitely put you in the good books, which for you will mean a few beers in the pub with your mates whilst watching the footie…provided you are in at a reasonable hour of course. or for stockists in your area contact

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