Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Keman Allen from Council Royalty talks to STYLISA about Manchester Street Style

Council Royalty Clothing Range

What I believe street style is:
Well, Street style is all about send out a message about what you want to be linked with, expressing yourself with having to say anything and not being so formal. Being different but not being too outrageous.

What I think inspires street style:
For me a lot of street style is inspired by a trend or hype, music is a massive inspiration on street style. If something is mentioned and seen a lot in music videos or is linked to a hot artist then young people see this and want the same.

What I think Manchester street style is at present:
Being out and about in Manchester city centre every Saturday afternoon I see a lot of C.O.D (Colours On Dark) tops, dark jeans and flashy kicks. Bright prints on dark tops stand out a mile and people are drawn to them. I was wearing a male version of the “Quin” Council Royalty T-shirt and I noticed that people where trying their hardest to read my top and it sis get a load of attention. In Topman you see quite a few hoodies with neon buttons and they really stand out.

Keman Allen, MD of Council Royalty

What I can’t wait to see the back of:
Men’s skinny jeans, I cannot stand them there is no need and look wrong! Skinny jeans should be for women and women only.

What I like at present:
Next’s O jeans they are great, they have the bowed “Gorilla” legs and fit and look smart but still casual, perfect for wearing high top kicks or pumps. Also, cuffed jeans River Island do a few pairs and they are just ace. Adidas slim series kicks, they are comfortable and not as bulky as previous Adidas hi/mid tops. Council Royalty T-shirts (Of Course) dare to be different and want a garment to be more than just a garment then Council Royalty Clothing is the one. Finally, sunglasses, as the sun is coming out of hiding it’s time to get those superstar shades out, my all time favourite is the Marc Jacob M260/S too hot for words!

My favourite look:
Guy: Council Royalty “Padre” T-shirt, Cuffed or “Gorilla” Jeans and Adidas by Jeremy Scott kicks
Girls: Council Royalty “Shanta” Vest, skinny Jeans and killer heels sunglasses and matching jewellery.

Council Royalty:
Council Royalty is a Fresh NEW Carbon Neutral Urban Clothing Label. The label expresses individuality, motivation, determination, will power and strength. Council Royalty is committed to providing urban clothing of the highest quality that meets our strict environmental and ethical standards.

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