Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Lost and Found Clothing

By Guest Blogger Nia J. Kiesow aka The Happy Hipster

As much as I adore all of the trends being tossed around these days inside most of the popular clothing stores, I can’t help but think that they all look a bit familiar. If you sift through the racks at your latest trendy store, you’ll see that clothing styles are returning to the ones that were invented decades earlier, from the cinched waists of the 1950’s to the padded shoulders of the 1980’s.

I’ve reached a conclusion that if styles are being recycled, we might as well be environmental and recycle the clothing, too. Which is why I’ve got every ounce of praise to sing for Lost and Found Clothing, a Seattle-based clothing business started up by an artistic couple, Emily and Yuuki. A graduate from design school, Emily has worked in the apparel industry for five years, designing for major brands, but decided she wanted to head in a more “grassroots” direction once she realized the environmental benefits lying within a vintage clothing business. Yuuki is a musician who has recorded and toured with the bands: Crystal Skulls, Dave Bazan, Sufjan Stevens and Richard Swift.  Emily says, “Fashion is cyclical, and trend-driven retailers like Urban Outfitters are borrowing pretty directly from the past.”  I couldn’t have said it any better.

Lost and Found Clothing aims to connect the people with the past, without creating the amount of waste seen in the fashion industry when new clothing is fabricated. When asked what kind of vintage finds Emily aims to add to the Lost and Found collection, she replied that every piece is based off of inspirations from various travels, films, and art exhibits. If you visit the website, you’ll notice how the front page has a blog filled with photographs and little quips from everywhere, a full log of inspiration. Emily says she’ll never put body-suits or sequins up for sale, but she’s definitely an advocate for floral dresses, sailor stripes, or lightweight blazers, which are all perfect for the oncoming summer season!

There’s nothing like a good middleman to connect us to the goods we’re looking for. Lost and Found Clothing’s goods just so happen to interest the environment-conscious fashionistas looking for a blast from the past. For perusals, just visit their website!

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