Thursday, 2 September 2010

You can take the girl out of Manchester...and stick her in Harrods...

Day 2 in the Big Brother...sorry I meant to say in the Big City of London (and just to clarify, I am NOT a Big Brother fan), and I already feel like I have been here my whole life!  I miss my family and friends terribly, but I am exceedingly happy to be living my fashion dreams.

Today saw me venture into the Haute Heaven that is Harrods, for The Perfume Diaries, which is a wonderful exhibition celebrating the history of perfume.  It takes you on a fascinating journey, made even more interesting by the enchanting Roja Dove, who is the worlds only Professeur de Parfums.  Monsieur Dove talked us through the whole exhibition, providing us with some amazing and unique insights into this intricate subject.  What made the exhibition even more delightful, was the numerous rare pieces that had been sourced to sit alongside all the beautiful bottles of perfume.  Being a 1950's fashion enthusiast, my favourite piece was this beautiful Dior dress.  I would be happy to have it donated to my personal collection of vintage dresses...come on, I can dream can't I???

Vintage Dior - J'taime

I think this shoe would look great in my flat!

It was also great to see fellow bloggers at the event.  I spent some time chatting to the lovely London Beauty Queen (Twitter name @LBQBlog) who certainly knows her stuff when it comes to the world of beauty.  And I must say that I am very impressed by the fact that an institution such as Harrods, which is steeped in tradition, is sitting up and taking notice of the power and influence of the blogger.  As Roja rightly pointed out, the internet has turned everyone into an expert, and consumers now want to make decisions for themselves, rather than being told or dictated to.  This is definitely something that more brands need to take on board.

Personally speaking, there is only one perfume for me, which is Chanel No 5, a fragrance that transcends time and is extremely distinctive...a bit like me.

Chanel No 5 - a timeless scent...

A 'very' rare Chanel collection

We were even treated to glorious desserts (inspired by key perfume notes and ingredients) created by Eric Lanlard:-

Shot St. Honore

Larme de Jasmine

The Perfume Diaries is on until the 2nd October, so make sure you get over to Harrods and check it out.  Click here for more details.

Stay Stylish...and stay tuned for more STYLISA adventures around London!  And a big thank you to Harrods and London Beauty Queen, for a delightfully end to my second day in the capital.

Lisa xXx


  1. I am so jealous as you know I have the biggest perfume collection ever and I would love to have been there. You certainly look like you enjoyed yourself xx

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