Friday, 14 May 2010

Coasting Coast to Coast

By Guest Blogger Nia J. Kiesow aka The Happy Hipster

It's the Happy Hipster here, letting you all know that I've up and left New York City and flown back home to sunny California for the summer holidays! Sometimes it's good to get out of the city for a while and change up the scenery for a bit.
The only trouble is, a change of scenery just might require a change of wardrobe. For instance, I woke up this morning and unzipped my suitcase to start unpacking. For each piece that I pulled out, the same words kept popping up in my head: "This is way too New York." How the heck can I pull off wearing all this black and city-slicker styled clothing over here on the West Coast? No way could I pull off throwing on my Soho platforms for a run around town like I can through the streets of NYC.
So a solution came along in the form of one of my favorite brands: RVCA. Famous model, Erin Wasson, has teamed up with the Californian brand yet again for another season of fantastic clothing that melds together the urban chic of NYC with the kick-back style of Southern California. As a gal who spends most of her year in the City and the rest of it on the coasts of California, there's really no better option.
She wow'd us last season with her black silk blouses, skintight velvet leggings, sheer thigh-highs, and denim cutoffs, perfect for the winter night-child effect. For the Spring 2010 season, however, she's gone for a lighter, airier look with nudes and light bronzes and white cutoffs instead of blue or black. She still brought the rocker touch to the clothing with a few polished studs here and there. A reference to Neil Young  emblazoned on a white tunic tee says, "Keep it Neil," a clever and quirky way to bring a laid back feel to the clothing. Erin wanted to tie both ends of the country together through this line, giving NYC uniform a SoCal tinge. Well, she's sure done the trick and I'm definitely game.
To order online, check out RVCA's website:

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