Monday, 17 May 2010

STYLISA chats to Simon Webbe

STYLISA were lucky enough to have a quick chat with the gorgeous Simon Webbe, during rehersals for his debut in the musical Sister Act...

Firstly, how have you been?
I'm healthy and happy!

A little birdie tells us you are appearing in a new show.  Can you tell us more about it please?I am doing the famous Sister Act Musical at the London Palladium and I am so nervous as it's something I never thought I would do but when I was asked to audition I thought, why not give it a go.

Aside from the show, are you working on any new material?I have been in the states working on my song writing and I am putting together a new album myself in the next three months. 

When can we expect to hear this new material?With Blue getting back together, I am waiting to see the outcome so I have my album as my back up plan, so hopefully by the end of this year...fingers crossed.

You are a big supporter of up and coming talent – is there anyone out there that excites you at the moment?
Listen out for one of Manchester's finest Tyler D and hip hop Artist Lyrican also a rock band The Filthy Souls.

How important to you is it to inspire and encourage young and new talent?I think if your in a position to help and you can, then you should.

Here at STYLISA, we believe that style is a state of mind.  What is your personal take on style?Style to me is self expression.

When it comes to fashion, do you have any favourite designers or high street brands?I love high street stores.  Top Man, River Island and AllSaints are some of my favourites and D&G of course...

Finally, what advice would you give to anyone who wants to get into the world of show business?Work hard, believe in yourself and always have a back up plan...x

Thanks for chatting to us Simon and good luck with the show!

Check out Simon's website here


  1. A really nice post, a pleasure to help out ;-)

  2. Council Royalty rates Simon he is ace and grounded.

  3. i love him .........