Thursday, 7 October 2010

Lisa’s Lush Lashes

Today was an interesting day for a number of reasons, but the main reason was that one of my beauty prayers has been answered.  As much as I am happy in my own skin, there is one little thing that has always bothered me…my eyelashes.  I have always felt that they do not look as long or as thick as they should.  Well the eyelash gods (who go by the names of Marci and Elke) have given me a solution to that problem.
Now normally I am a little sceptical about products that claim that they can change the way you look in one form or another.  But I had to humbly eat my words today when I was introduced to the wonder that is M2 LASHES.  This revolutionary product comes in two forms, EYELASH ACTIVATING SERUM and EYELASH REVITALIZING GLOSS.

The serum increases the length, thickness and strength of your lashes.  It is a combination of nutritional and active ingredients, one of which is used in ophthalmology (the branch of medicine concerned with the eye and its diseases).  It must be applied every evening, once the eye area has been thoroughly cleansed, to the base of the upper eyelids’ lash line (a brush applicator is provided).

Visible results are supposed to appear between six and eight weeks – maximum results are achieved by week 16.  So guess what I’ll be doing tonight…yes that’s right, applying my serum before bedtime.  The excitement at the prospect of lovelier, longer, luxurious lashes is seriously overwhelming.

The gloss works in unison with the serum to the growth, give lashes definition and a healthy shine.  It is very easy to use (a definite plus for me), and is to be applied morning and evening (from the base of the eyelash to the tip).  What’s even better is that the effects are immediate.  And just so you know ladies (and maybe gentlemen too), this is to be applied before you apply your regular mascara.

To prove that it works, I have decided that I will take weekly pics of my eyelashes, which I will post onto my blog, so you can see the effects.  I feel like a scientist in my lab conducting research…my sister (who is an ‘actual’ scientist - I have included the 'science-bit' for you below, Louise) would be so proud.

If you would also like to be the proud owners of perfect lashes, then M2 LASHES is available exclusively at Harrods, both in store and online


So in 16 weeks, I’m not going to be STYLISA, I am going to be Lisa Lashes…and I can’t wait!

Stay Stylish,


Additional Product Information
The key active complex MDN is a prostaglandin derivative, which in an alternative form is used in ophthalmology.  This modified and carefully dosed ingredient compound, stimulates eyelashes at their roots to increase the number of lashes whilst extending the growth phase and delaying lash loss.

·         Additional beneficial component :
Panthenol (vitamin B5) – dispenses moisture and promotes shine
·         Biotin (vitamin B7) – strengthens lashes and restricts the cycle of lash loss
·         Hyaluronic acid – keeps the lashes moisturised and healthy
·         Prodew 300 – absorbs and retains moisture
·         Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans (GAG) – retains moisture and provides the lashes with more elasticity and strength

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