Monday, 11 October 2010

Style in Your City: New York

At last, it is the return of our guest blogger feature, Style in Your City.  Today we are delighted to be featuring the fabulous Rachael Lechliter from Red Rover Style:

Greetings everyone, my name is Rachael and I am one of the founders of Red Rover Style, an online magazine about lifestyle and charity. We are based in NYC. Our magazine has about 20+ writers, whom we call Rovers.  As you can imagine, managing over 20+ writers can be a handful, but very colorful.  I even contribute to the magazine as the Social and Savvy Entrepreneur rover. Also, my Red Rover Style partner, Elena Baxter and I , founded an online PR firm called Red Rover Public Relations. We call it our empire, but luckily the two platforms work hand-in-hand with each other.

So now that you know a little background on my entrepreneur world, I want to share my personal fashion with you as a social and savvy entrepreneur in NYC.

First, my number one fashion dedication is to my hair, and that is probably because I grew up in my mother’s salon, and more or less, I am obsessed with hair.

I have experimented with every color from black, medium brown, auburn, blonde, Heidi Klum platinum blonde to fiery copper red, Jennifer Aniston’s golden locks, and back to brown, back to blonde, well, I’ve done it all with different types of highlight placements and trend-haircuts in between.

Today, I think I’ve nailed down my look with red, which is really a rich auburn color. I think it brings out the green tinting in my eyes…Of course, I’m not just one color, I have some fiery copper peekaboo highlights too. 

Now that I’ve fulfilled my impulsive obsession to talk about hair, I want to talk about style here in NYC as the fall weather is upon us! It’s crisp, cool, and all I can think about is pulling out my boots and fall suit jackets. BUT, Since, I’m jumping around NYC from one meeting to the next, I need to go from flats to heels and turn my office day style to suit an evening with cocktails, dim-lighting and networking. Don’t forget, since my office is mobile, I need to lug around a laptop, charger, make-up, and I even carry around my SLR camera, hence is why I need flats.

So here it is, my most desired look for a social and savvy entrepreneur going from a September office day to a September cocktail party.

My day look screams sophistication and comfort. I adore these colors because they go perfect with fall and my hair color. Oh, since NYC can get pretty windy, this dress will keep me feeling secure as I know it be blowing all over the place…

My evening look screams passion and edgy style. To be honest, I’m a bit shy when it comes to slipping on a pair of leopard heels, but I’ve paired them with classy jewelry and so my look here is balanced.

Feel free to share your thoughts, and be sure to visit me at

La, la, la-love,

Rachael Lechliter
“Socialize with those that make your heart sing!”

Talk to me:
Twitter: @Rach_Lechliter

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