Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Top Tips from Wonderbra...

To celebrate the launch of its new Full effect your life competition, Wonderbra has picked the brains of its expert panellist, fashion model and X-Factor star, Lucie Jones to share her top tips to giving your look a boost:

  • The one item you have to have in your wardrobe whatever the season is a leather jacket.  You can throw it over anything and it just gives your outfit a bit of edge.  I’ve updated it slightly this season by getting a shearling aviator jacket, I’ll be living in it come winter
  • Equally I could not live without mascara – it just makes you look ten times better in about 10 seconds!
  • The best tip I’ve picked up from working on fashion shoots is that fashion can be comfortable! If you feel comfortable and sexy then you will look sexy. If you don’t feel right in those heels, wear another pair otherwise you may as well be wearing your Nan’s hand me downs. . .
  • On a night out I always make sure I choose my outfit before I start getting ready, last minute cupboard raids are just way too stressful.  I always, always do my hair last, that way you can match your hair and make-up to your outfit and your whole look will look polished
  • The new Full effect bra from Wonderbra is amazing. It gives you such a natural amazing cleavage, just pair it with a bodycon dress and you’re good to go
  • From modeling, I’ve learnt when applying make-up, pick one feature and really make the most of that. I love a smokey eye and have learnt that if you use a colour eyeshadow, such as purple, to create it you get a real boost.
  • For the best photos on your night out make sure you don’t try to hard to pose. Since I’ve started modeling I’ve realised that the natural shots are the best shots so just relax and have fun and you’ll have some great pics of the night
Lucie Jones has teamed up with Wonderbra to find three stylish girls to win an amazing fashion experience as either a fashion buyer, stylist or journalist.  To find out more and to enter visit

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